The Antipodes      

signature theatre. directed by Lila Neugebauer


"..a priceless Nicole Rodenburg"                                                                                                                             - Ben Brantley, New York Times

"The cast is a dream team..."                                                                                                                                - Time Out New York

"... the uniformly excellent actors: Will Patton as the boss; Josh Charles and Danny Mastrogiorgio as the old hands; Phillip James Brannon, Josh Hamilton, Emily Cass McDonnell, and Danny McCarthy as the newbies; Brian Miskell as their assistant, taking notes; and Nicole Rodenburg as the boss’s secretary, who has a wild story of her own."                                                                                                                                                  - Jesse Green, New York Magazine/Vulture

"Sarah (Nicole Rodenburg)... launches into a story ostensibly from her childhood that sounds like a tale out of the Brothers Grimm. (Rodenburg’s delivery, combining vocal fry with rising inflection, intensifies the hilarious oddity)."  - Charles McNulty, Los Angeles Times

"The best member of the cast would be impossible to specify—everyone is ideally cast—, but Nicole Rodenburg, who plays Sarah, has the best role. She gives a monologue about a past experience involving her stepmother that might be the onstage moment of the year."                                                                         - Theatre Arts Daily

"Sarah [Nicole Rodenburg], no longer the clothes-changing signal of passing time herself in this strange office, delivers one of the show’s best monologues...Her story is both funny and terrifying. It won an ovation the night I attended."                                                                                                                              - The Daily Beast

"Because the entire cast is excellent, singling out any is a challenge; each rips through choice moments with masterful skill..."                                                                                                                                            - Talkin' Broadway

" out-of-left-field deadpan howler delivered with stunning nonchalance by Nicole Rodenburg"                   - Off Off Online

"Neugebauer’s actors all catch the play’s eerie dualistic quality with perfect pitch. Despite their flesh-and-blood tangibility, I can’t escape the persistent feeling that I dreamt the whole thing." - Village Voice


Venus in Fur

alley theatre. directed by brandon weinbrenner

"Had the Alley's leading lady, Nicole Rodenburg, been in the Broadway show, I don't see how she wouldn't have picked up that prestigious award. She is divine. Dangerous, crafty, but always divine. Her Vanda seduces us with effortless style, just as she does to hapless, male chauvinist Thomas."
Houston Press

"Swooping down with a thunderclap a mere five minutes into it was Vanda, also known as the co-lead in Ives’s play, also known as Nicole Rodenburg, an actress of remarkable talent and equally remarkable beauty. There is no creature in all of bird land that possesses such a combination of intelligence, fire, ebullience, danger, and plumage. She is matchless, and we are quite simply in love with her.  Call it hyperbole if you want, but unless Rodenburg has some sort of hypnotic command over theater critics (altogether possible, admittedly), she is giving a performance for the ages, or at least one we haven’t seen in ages, a comic tour-de-force that is by turns hilarious and dark, balletic and horsey, terrifying and soft, S and M." 
Houstonia Magazine

"Nicole Rodenburg invests Vanda with the requisite explosive energy, earthy candor and insinuating allure.[...]  
As periodic bursts of thunder and lightning imply, she's an irresistible force of nature."
- Houston Chronicle

"Playing Vanda, Nicole Rodenburg proves herself as a force to be reckoned with...Her performance is nothing short of a triumph and will be one that Houston audiences talk about for months, maybe even years, to come."
- Broadway World

"Making her Alley debut as Vanda, Nicole Rodenburg takes possession of the stage with her entrance and never gives it up."
Arts & Culture Texas


The Whale 

denver center.  directed by hal brooks

"Nicole Rodenburgwho plays Charlie’s daughter Ellie, is fantastic. There are moments where you can’t believe she would do such a thing and seconds later you are drawn into her remarkable charm."
303 Magazine

"Nicole Rodenburg as Ellie is riveting to watch."
- Westword

"Nicole Rodenburg is unstoppable as the raging, manipulative Ellie"
- Boulder Daily Camera

"Nicole Rodenburg inhabits Ellie's teenage angst and anger over her dysfunctional inheritance with just the right degree of desperation to support the powerful conclusion."
Colorado Drama

"...[Nicole] Rodenburg is heartbreakingly cruel as Ellie..."
Aurora Sentinal

"Nicole Rodenburg as Charlie’s estranged teenage daughter, Ellie provides some needed humorous relief...and is disturbingly accurate as a miffed teenager."
- Broadway World


Bus Stop

huntington theatre company. directed by nicholas martin

"There's a world of difference between a "chantoose" washed up by the time she's 30 and an aspiring starlet, only slightly used, who'se a mere 19 - a fact that's proved by Nicole Rodenburg's superb performance as Cherie...Rodenburg digs between her character's dime store glamour to find the still dewy teen beneath."
Theater Mania

"A similar sense of perpetually shifty emotional ground is communicated by Rodenburg, whose Cherie is clearly very attracted to Bo, even as she is alarmed by his over-the-top behavior."
Boston Globe

"..the sentimental glance backward is saved by spectacular performances by imports, Noah Bean as Bo Decker and Nicole Rodenburg as Cherie..."
Patriot Ledger

"The ensemble shines.  Nicole Rodenburg captures more than a little Marilyn Monroe as Cherie...She's got the sex appeal to turn Bo into a bull in heat, but Rodenburg's performance is far more than just skin deep."
Wicked Local/TAB

"As Cherie, Rodenburg has legendary shoes to fill - Kim Stanley's (Broadway) and Marilyn Monroe (the 1956 movie version)...Rodenburg eludes comparisons by making her Cherie neither a waif like Stanley nor an unconscious sex bomb like Monroe....she's touching and genuine.  The whole show is"

"Cherie has been around the block a few times, but Rodenburg manages to give her a fresh spirit and some brains to go along with the typical heart of gold, dumb blonde persona."
Broadway World

"Shapely Nicole Rodenburg is captivating as Cherie..." 
Theatre Mirror

"Stram’s performance is rivaled only by that of Rodenburg, whose accent, demeanor, and gazes of amazement and adoration create a believably misguided young woman."
Havard Crimson

"Here under Nicky Martin's pitch perfect direction, Nicole Rodenburg plays a sexy, feisty version of nightclub singer Cherie...his cast--without exception- is extraordinarily winning and skilled."
Joyce Kulhawik - spontaneous acts of joyce



humana festival/atl. directed by josh hecht

slasher website.jpg

"Nicole Rodenburg plays Sheena with a forthright confidence that makes the daughter a strong counter to Strus' mother character."
Courier Journal

"The cast is particularly well chosen. As Sheena, Nicole Rodenburg provides the long-legged sex appeal that catches the director's eye, as well as the blanace of naivete and savvy that drives the character."
- Theater Louisville

"The nubile Rodenburg nails the part as a sweetly determined foil to her mother." 
- Total Theater